Saturday, October 2, 2010

120. Great Lakes Pirate Fest

Don't miss the annual Great Lakes Pirate Fest in Vermilion, Ohio on October 15th & 16th at McGarvey's Landing and Ritter Library.  This event  is for crewmembers both young an' old. Salty dogs will learn ye' importance of one of ye' earth's  greatest forces...The Great Lakes...while having fun in true pirate fashion.  Dress like a pirate and join the fun.  Costume contests, tall ship, live bands, pirate shows, magic shows, circus acts, entertainment, treasure hunt, raffles, food, exhibitors, jungle animals and more!



Vermilion, OHIO
McGarvey's Landing & Ritter Public Library

Idea Provided By:  Rochelle Fayne Blaylock


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More Info link is broken.

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