Saturday, April 3, 2010

11. Honey Hut Ice Cream

Now that the weather has FINALLY turned, I'm so excited for the reopening of my favorite local ice cream shop!  Honey Hut ice cream is a local and delicious alternative to DQ.

Here is their flavors list...they also have specials at every location so drive in and check them out! 

Vanilla Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate-Chip
Fresh Banana Orange Blossom Vanilla Chocolate Chip
Strawberry Mint Chocolate Chip Coconut
Honey Pecan Chocolate Pecan Chocolate Peanut Butter


Bay Village        (Huntington Beach)          28624 Lake Road
Brecksville              (at Rt. 82 & Rt. 21)          7304 Chippewa Road
Cleveland       (Old Brooklyn)                4674 State Road
Parma      (In Front of State Road Park Pool)    6250 State Road
Strongsville         (Next to Strongsville Golf)    15831 Pearl Road

 Here is their WEBSITE!

Photo Provided By:  Honey Hut


Anonymous said...

took the kids there after the zoo.

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