Friday, April 16, 2010

23. Amish Country

Well it my not be a great weekend for this but we went yesterday and it was beautiful!  I was a little wary when my husband suggested a 70 min drive with a 2 and 3.5 year old, but our whole family seemed to be a little calmer, maybe a little more grateful for those things that make our lives easier.  (full disclosure I could not live without my iPhone) but if you're looking for a great afternoon that involves discussions like "look at all the horse poop!" and "ooo baby cows" then this is a day trip for you!

The first site I listed is the best I've found for general information.  The other sites are for full functioning farms where the kiddos can feeds cows, take buggy rides, and tour old school houses and barns.  Anywhere you go to eat is delicious and don't forget to bring home a couple loafs of bread for later!

Visit Amish Country

Yoder's Amish Home

Rolling Ridge Ranch

Image Provided By:  cordery


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