Monday, July 19, 2010

87. Space Week

Does your little one want to go to the moon? Well than this weeks Space Week at the Great Lakes Science Center will be as close as they can get (for the next few years at least!)  Check out the new NASA Glenn Visitor Center, meet an astronaut, watch Hubble in Omni-max, ride in a Gyroscope (cool!), make your own rocket!! Lots of other awesomeness!


Space Sleepover
Friday, July 23 • 7 pm – 10 am the next morning
  • Explore the NASA Glenn Visitor Center and Science Center after dark
  • Check out a real Apollo Space capsule
  • Fly a flight simulator
  • Blast off with the OMNIMAX movie Hubble
  • Launch a rocket and design your very own lunar lander
  • Meet E.V.A. the astronaut – a larger-than-life costumed character
  • Get hands-on with the Strange Matter exhibition
  • Sleep among the exhibits

Reservations required! Call (216) 621-2400 to register $35 for members; $39 for non-members.
INFO (for sleepover)

Idea Provided By: Patty McClure Whitaker


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