Sunday, July 25, 2010

91. Medieval Faire

Open 11am-7pm weekends July 10th through to August 15th, 2010.  

Experience the variety of entertainment: marvel at magicians and fire-eaters, gasp with dynamic swordplay, and guffaw at marvelous jesters. Enjoy succulent period delicacies, washed down with ice-cold ale or fresh lemon-ade. And between shows, browse through one of Ohio's largest open-air juried Artisan and Craft markets, displaying hand-made crafts such as jewelery, leather goods, and clothing from across North America. Our village marketplace boasts over 100 of the country's finest artisans and craft folks as they create and sell their wares: jewelery, candles, clothing, baskets, boots, silks, swords, toys, pottery, stained glass, trinkets, and more!  

Theme Weekends!
July 10-11 - A Royal A-Faire:  Join His Majesty for a weekend of Chivalry and Romance!
July 17-18 - Celtic Celebration:  Highland Games, Bagpipes & Drums - don't forget yer kilt!
July 24-25 - Fairy Tales and Fantasy:  From Princesses and Faeries to Knights and Dragons!
July 31-Aug. 1 - Pirate Invasion:  Patches, Peglegs, Buccaneers & Booty!
August 7-8 - Champions, Gladiators & Games:  Togas, Warriors, and Games of Skill
August 14-15 - The Big Barbarian Conquest:  Vikings, Warlords, & Other Tough Guys!


3033 State Route 534
Rock Creek, Ohio, 44084

Idea Provided By:  Mark Kelly


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