Monday, June 6, 2011

173. Knee High Naturalists

Sunday, June 12
Noon - 4 p.m.

Some of the activities include:
• Hikes with “Nora the Explorer” –
   Naturalist Nora Sindelar leads children on hikes, full of nature discovery.
• Discovery Sand Box –
   Plastic bugs, hand-carved potato bugs, earthworms made of rubber hose, rubber snakes, and more are buried in the sand for children to discover.
• Giant Habitat Felt Board –
   Children have fun placing hundreds of animal images on a 30-foot long felt board representing pond, field and forest habitats.
• Beaver and Frog Pools Water-play Areas –
   A small pool filled with water is home to a family of “beavers” (beanie toys) and plenty of sticks for building a lodge or dam.  Another small pool is filled with toy snails, snakes, crayfish, and frogs in various stages of development.
• Live Animals –
   View live animals for children to see and touch.
• Touch Table –
   Skulls and pelts to discover up-close, with a naturalist on-hand to answer questions.

Girl Scouts will be selling:
Hot dogs $2
Ice Cream (Good Humor) $1.50
Chips (Shearer's) $0.75
Gourmet Cookies $0.75
Candy $0.75
Assorted Cold Beverages (Coke Products) $1
Frozen Lemonade $1.50
For more information, call 440-247-7075.
Arboretum is located off Arbor Lane in South Chagrin Reservation, north of Cannon Road in Bentleyville.
Parking for the “Knee-High Naturalists” event is at The Shelterhouse Picnic Area, located off Hawthorn Parkway, east of SOM Center Road/Route 91 in Bentleyville – north of the Route 422/Route 91 exit.
From The Shelterhouse Picnic Area, a ranger will help visitors cross Hawthorn Parkway to the all purpose trail.  Follow the trail along Arbor Lane to the entrance of the Arboretum.

Bedford Chagrin Pkwy and Arbor Ln
Solon, Ohio 44139


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